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DP DAY 2019 - APRIL 13TH

DP Day is the largest day of service learning at the University of Michigan! DP Day volunteers will work alongside Detroiters and fellow U of M students on a variety of tasks focusing on community revitalization. The event is a chance to learn about the city, engage with a new community, and have fun while making a difference. DP Day is as much about exposing students to the great organizations and people in the city as it is about the work.


Registration for Detroit Partnership Day will be open until Monday - April 1st, 2019!

Volunteers may sign up together as an organization (i.e. club on campus or greek life), with a group of friends, or may sign up individually to be placed in a group. Everyone attending DP Day will need to fill out the Volunteer Registration below, so feel free to start circulating the link to friends and members of your organization!

If you have any questions or concerns, please refer to the FAQs below or email


When is DP Day? 

This year DP Day will be Saturday, April 13th, 2019. The Detroit Partnership will organize all transportation to bring volunteers from campus to various sites in Detroit during the morning, and will work throughout the day before being bused back to Ann Arbor or other locations. 

The tentative schedule for the day will be:

  • 8-9am: check-in to be bused to Detroit from campus

  • 11-12pm: lunch will be provided

  • 3-4pm: wrap up to be bused back to campus

Further details about exact times and locations are to be determined as DP Day gets closer.

When do I register for DP Day? 

Volunteer Registration will open February 1st and will close April 1st. If you’re interested, please scroll up and fill out the registered form linked above!

Can my organization volunteer together? 

Of course! All we ask is that you pick a representative from your club to be designated as a “Team Lead” and register with the organization's name to make it possible to group you together. The Team Lead will be our contact person to communicate important DP Day information, and will have an option to select being a Team Lead on the Volunteer Registration form.

Can I sign up with friends or sign up individually? 

You can definitely do either option! If you were planning on volunteering with a group of friends, make up a team name so we know how you would like to be grouped. If you prefer to sign up individually, please select that option on the Volunteer Registration form.

What do we have to bring on DP day? 

It is recommended to dress appropriately for the weather, especially since many volunteers will be working outside. Bringing a water bottle and snacks is optional, but lunch will be provided at the volunteering site. 

what sites are participating in DP Day? 

Every year around 30-40 community partners sign up from across the city, representing neighbors across Detroit such as East Side, Brightmoor, Southwest Midtown, and Downtown.

If you are a Detroit organization that may be interested in participating as a site for DP Day, please email Karolina Pazdrazdis at with the name and mission of your organization, and what type of work volunteers would be engaging with.

Who is in charge of the volunteers at the sites? 

Each site will have Community Coordinators, who are members of the Detroit Partnership Planning Team. They will be in charge of coordinating the arrival of volunteers as well as leading reflection and ultimately getting everyone back on the buses at the end of the day. Each organization (i.e. campus club or greek life) that registers will also be required to appoint a Team Lead, who will be responsible for communicating the information Detroit Partnership proves among the registered volunteers of their organization.