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Executive Director: Lynn Chen

Lynn is the Executive Director of the Detroit Partnership. She is a senior studying Chemical Engineering, and originally from Shanghai. Lynn has been involved with DP since DP Day her freshman year. She was a Volunteer Coordinator with the weekly program Crossroads her sophomore year and the Community Co-Director junior year. Her favorite thing about DP is our message and our focus on service-learning. As the Executive Director, she wants to increase awareness of the Detroit Partnership on campus, and she is excited for all the impact we are creating with our community partners!

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Community Co-Director: Andrew Jaeger

Andrew is a rising senior studying microbiology with a minor in history. He grew up just a few miles north of Detroit in Royal Oak. Andrew first joined DP in his sophomore year where he volunteered with an after-school program called "Racquet Up!" There, Andrew first learned the importance of building relationships between Detroit community programs and the University of Michigan. In his junior year, Andrew took a larger role within DP by joining the Planning Team. This year as a community director, he hopes to further develop the relationships between University of Michigan volunteers, VCs, and the community partners, while also creating new relationships with more community partners. Andrew's favorite part of DP is its focus on service-learning, and is one of the major reasons he wanted to become a community director. Service-learning goes beyond volunteering, and differentiates DP from many organizations on campus. Combined with his experience as community-service coordinator for his fraternity and interest in developing and expanding the weekly service-learning program, Andrew found that the community director position was right for him. After graduation from the University of Michigan, Andrew hopes to attend medical school. He hopes to use the skills, knowledge, and relationships he built in DP to further his personal and professional career.

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Community Co-Director: Julia Ford

Julia is originally from Pittsburgh, PA and she will be a senior this fall. She studies economics with minors in Spanish and political science, and has been involved with DP since freshman year. After two semesters as a weekly volunteer, Julia became a volunteer coordinator for the YMCA GOAL Line After-School program and a member of the major events team last year. Julia’s favorite part of DP has been getting to know and work with the community partners in Detroit, which is why she wanted to become a Community Co-Director. This upcoming year, she is excited to work with her co-director Andrew and the rest of DP to organize weekly volunteer programs for the student volunteers and community partners.


Finance Director: Razeen Karim

Razeen is a Senior studying Business. His time at DP started his sophomore year when he first became a volunteer for Detroit Partnership Day. He loved the work that DP was doing and became a member of the Finance community my junior year. This year he’ll be in charge of the Finance Planning Team where they’ll be leading the effort to develop community partnerships and increase the funding that DP has for its events. His favorite thing about DP is the great people I'm able to work and hang out with throughout the year and being able to see great events come to life.


Internal Director: Bhavya Sukhavaski

Bhavya Sukhavasi is Detroit Partnership's Internal Director for 2019-2020. Bhavya is a senior at the University of Michigan, pursuing a B.A. from the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy with a minor in Writing. As Internal Director, she hopes to create an environment within Detroit Partnership which fosters conversation and community, as well as a greater understanding of Detroit's past and present.


Major Events Co-Director: Alex Reihs

Alex is a senior majoring in BCN with a minor in Gender and Health. She grew up in upstate New York and her family now lives in Ohio. She was a volunteer for DP day her freshman and sophomore years, and she served last year as one of the Sites and Supplies Coordinators on the Major Events team. Her favorite thing about DP is interacting with and learning from community members in Detroit, and she is excited for the opportunity to do so as one of the Major Events Co-directors. She is hoping that this year's Major Events team can make DP Day 2020 one of the best DP Days yet!

Major Events Co-Director: Danielle Belanger

Danielle is a rising senior majoring in Public Health Sciences. She is from Rochester Hills, Michigan. Danielle first became involved in the Detroit Partnership her freshman year when she participated in DP Day with one of her student organizations. After such a great experience with her first two years at DP Day, she decided she wanted to become more involved in the Detroit Partnership and planning events like DP Day. Last year, she was a Sites and Supplies Coordinator on the Major Events Team and decided to move to the Co-Director position of the Major Events Team for her senior year. Danielle has had a great experience on the Major Events Team and is super excited to take on this larger role and work to make all of DP’s events as great as possible this year, especially our 20th DP Day! The Detroit Partnership has been an amazing organization that has taught her so much and has given her a supportive community of people. She loves our weekly Planning Team meetings that give me the opportunity to learn more about Detroit, our community partners, and her fellow DP members. She am really excited for this upcoming school year and to work alongside Alex and the rest of the Major Events Team to create some great events!

Marketing Director: Elizabeth Wiliams

Elizabeth is a rising junior studying Communication Studies with minors in Political Science and Digital Studies. She grew up in New Jersey, but now her family lives in Rhode Island. She is passionate about making her community and its citizens better through her marketing and communication skills. Elizabeth became involved with DP at DP Day 2018, and then joined the marketing team during her sophomore year. Her goal is to increase the word about DP across campus through different marketing events and materials. Elizabeth loves the community surrounding DP and service-learning, and was very excited to get more involved with her director role.